Semi Permanent Lips – Lips to Die for?

Semi Permanent Lips

What are Semi-Permanent Lips?

Semi-permanent Lips, also known as Permanent Lips, is a tattooed colour giving you a more complete pair of lips. Permanent lips providing you with lips to die for. With semi permanent lips you do not have to spend hours applying lipstick. If you want to save time looking in the mirror everyday and want to look great day or night, ready to do anything, anytime. Semi Permanent Lips gives you the perfect lips throughout the day.

How Are Semi Permanent Lips Done?

Applied by machine, a fine needle injects ink in your skin giving your lips a permanent color appearance. Permanent Artist Make-up will usually start with a consultation and it usually takes 2 to 3 sessions to complete the treatment.

How Long Does Semi Permanent Lips Last?

Semi-permanent lips are treated by permanent makeup artists who apply the color to your lips , providing your lips with a greater definition and colour. This colour is basically a tattoo and for this reason must be renewed approximately every 2 years.

What to consider when choosing your Permanent Makeup Artist?

You do not want to be using amateurs for the process. Permanent makeup is a growing industry and therefore has many pretenders who claim to have experienced in the treatment. You want to use someone who has been running their clinic for some time and is able to provide the following:

• References from customers are satisfied with your work
• Proven experience in the company
• Guaranteed to correct any work done badly
• Relevant insurance to protect you against bad work.

If you are looking for fantastic lips that you will enable you never need to think about again lipsticks and how your lips appear, then permanent makeup maybe for you. However, we advise you to do your research. Find out what is available out there and make sure to use a supplier that is recognized by the industry as an expert.

What Does Semi Permanent Lips Cost?

Costing about £450 for a complete pair of lips, This procedure does not come cheap but done well will make you feel great, giving you the sensual, desirable look you desire.