Permanent Eyebrows – Eyebrows that look great!

Permanent Eyebrows

Permanent eyebrows otherwise known as semipermanent eyebrows are eyebrows that are tattooed onto your face.

Semipermanent eyebrows need to be done every 5 to 10 years to really enhance the colour.  Having said that we have seen some amazing results with permanent eyebrows.

Who would benefit from semipermanent eyebrows?

Permanent eyebrows  would benefit anybody who’s  had a problem  of loss of hair for any reason. You could be suffering from alopecia  or cancer,, or any other hair loss  illness. Adding permanent eyebrows gives your face and new and authentic look that makes your face recover youth and vitality. Many women who have permanent eyebrows are either in the fashion business or  older ladies who have lost the thickness of their eyebrows for some reason or other.

Who treats semi-permanent eyebrows?

Semipermanent eyebrows tattooed by Permanent Make-Up Artists. There is no formal training the permanent make-up artist. So the abilities from one artist to another vary hugely. Before going to make up artist for permanent eyebrows, we would recommend you asked for a couple of references from happy customers. We would also recommend that you research the web for any examples of their work. Whilst researching for work on the web we would suggest that you also  check  various beauty blogs for any  complaints that they may have had. Permanent make-up artists are trained by mostly small independent  permanent make-up colleges and need little to no qualifications to enter into the business.

The cost of permanent eyebrows

The cost of permanent make-up eyebrows ranges between  £150-£300. We would recommend that you don’t shop purely on price but start by looking at the quality of their work and then the price.

Ensuring you find the right make-up artist

There are however some very good make-up artists in the UK.We would suggest you shop around and not rushing to any decision on who you would want to go to.  Important questions you could ask are:

  • How long have you been in business?
  • Can you provide three referees for your eyebrows?
  • What insurance have you got  for treating?
  • What qualifications have you got?

This list of questions is  by no means all-inclusive. However it gives you a good starting point in your search for the perfect permanent eyebrows.