Eyebrow Tattoo

Eyebrow Tattoo

When talking about eyebrow tattoo or also known as permanent makeup the UK is a minefield of mixed knowledge, so we took our questions to Tracy Fensome, one of UK’s leading artists and trainer with over 11 years experience in Permanent Eyebrows and Eyebrow Tattoos.

What’s the process for Eyebrow Tattoo?

“The approach I use is very much consultative”, says Tracy.  Typically a client  will come in for a consultation I will assess the client’s suitability for the treatment. I ensure the client fully understands what the treatment includes and what to expect. Obviously they will also have questions to be answered and to be assured of any concerns they may have.

“I always ask the client to come to the consultation with their normal makeup applied including the brows. 9 times out of 10 the shape is not right for the client and not complimenting the face shape and natural beauty. That is why they come to an expert for help. Often clients do not know how to apply an eyebrow pencil correctly but it gives me a good idea of how they have been applying their own makeup over the years. I can work with them to find the right balance after I  have assessed the best pigment colour for the treatment followed by measuring specific points on the face to achieve a more symmetrical suitable effect for the client”

Tracy says, “it is very important that people recognise that having Permanent Eyebrows is a process that requires consideration. If performed incorrectly by someone else then it can be irreversible or require specific removal treatments. Always go to a reputable qualified experienced artist. It is not a quick 10 minute beauty treatment this is a cosmetic procedure.”

She further explained, that she ensures the client’s expectations are managed. It is important that the client is happy with my recommended brow design and trusts me to perform the treatment. It is a two way relationship. During the consultation I create a new brow drawing on one side of a client’s face then we compare how the new brow enhances the features and how it makes the client look much younger. This is why I love my job! It is rewarding to be able to make big difference to how someone feels about themselves.


How long does the treatment take?

Each client can vary but on average the whole process can take 2 hours. That includes time for a consultation if they have not already attended one, the numbing of the eyebrows with  a non prescriptive numbing cream, choosing the desired and suitable eyebrow colour, followed by the design and creation of brow template and finally the process of creating the eyebrows. Once completed the client will be provided with full aftercare and a boost is booked in for 5 weeks time to allow for any perfecting after the brow had healed.

Why wouldn’t Permanent Eyebrow Tattoos work?

Permanent Eyebrows are suitable for most clients. There are some cases where a treatment cannot be performed due to the client’s medical condition or it requires a Doctor’s consent before the treatment can proceed. For example, if the client has a specific medical condition or is on medication prescribed by the Doctor ie diabetics or high blood pressure these would require a Doctor’s note and client’s expectations to be clearly managed. In some instances, a client’s skin may not be suitable because they use the sun beds often, or they are using eyebrow hair growth serum or severe rosacea. Most certainly, Tracy would not treat clients under the age of 18 years, pregnant or breast feeding.

How long does an Permanent Eyebrow Tattoo last?

This is dependent on many aspects such as client genetics, medication, smoking, skin type, lifestyle and also the primary colour within the medical grade pigment implanted. Typically though Tracy recommends that a client returns every 12 months to keep the brows looking refreshed or no later than 18 months for a colour boost .